We all have the capacity to make changes, heal our past, have better relationships and more inner peace; therapy is one way to achieve greater happiness and contentment. Psychotherapy and counselling is a collaborative process that facilitates change and improves the quality of life.

One of the goals of therapy is to assist with making changes in yourself and your behaviours. Effective psychotherapy assists you in gaining skills and insights necessary to enrich the quality of your life and to improve the quality of your relationships.

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Addiction Specialist

Addiction work is a specialised therapy where clients initially need a directive approach to loosen the grip of the central component of addiction – i.e. Denial. I believe in a counselling model based on abstinence. When abstinence is achieved the deeper psychotherapy work will then have a greater impact on healing the pain and hurt that preceded the addiction.

Addiction therapy is not only confined to the individual but is a family issue. I also work with family members of clients in active addiction or family members in recovery from addiction. Family members need to engage with their own healing journey due to the insidious nature of addiction.

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Soul Therapy, Spirituality & Meditation

Some theorists refer to the ‘hole in the soul’; in religions terms like ‘faith and belief’ are the terms used; in the present time we use the broader term of ‘spirituality’. I offer sessions to those who wish to explore and identify individual needs in this core aspect of ourselves and to uncover the greater meaning of our existence.

These sessions greatly enhance the core principles of living a life based on your morals and values; to help become more open to the flow of giving and receiving love; to deeper experiences of happiness, joy and forgiveness.

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Clinical Supervision

Supervision is an investment in who you are as a professional in your area of work. Supervision is a reflection process that strives to incorporate three key elements – normative, formative and restorative.

Supervision contributes to your self care and acts as a gate keeping function for both your wellness and the wellness and safety of your colleagues and clients.


Diploma in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy

Dublin Counselling Centre

M.Sc. in Clinical Supervision (Psychology)

Trinity College, Dublin